Introducing… Young States

Norwich based Young States are a four-piece with plenty of female prowess. Having been two years since their formation and the release of their debut EP ‘Down to You’, the group are making waves with the announcement of the upcoming follow up.


Following the release of the first track earlier in August and accompanying music video, the excitement now looms over the forthcoming release of ‘Past Trusts, Present Lies’ on September 29th.

The debut single taken from the new record ‘Over it by Now’ brings a slightly new approach to their music; their confidence has clearly grown when they become more accustomed with their sound. They embody a transparent message of face value that doesn’t hide anything. They bare all with the lyrics and round in all up nicely with electrifying guitars and unswerving drum beats. It’s a solid start to the record’s release and has plenty of hope for what is to come.

Influenced by Brand New, Mallory Knox and Taking Back Sunday – to just name a few – and they take their own personal spin on the mid 00’s. Their blend of rough rhythms and melodic vocals can appeal to fans of PVRIS, Tigress but with an entirely new spin. They are acquiring plenty of buzz around their new material, with features on Kerrang!, Scuzz and Rocksound and they are bound to continue to get more exposure with the way they are heading.

– Jess Boswell (@j_lboswell)

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