Album of the Year 2016

Well, 2016. What can we say? Another great year for lots of reasons, another shit year for lots of reasons. One thing that has shone through is the quality of music turned out this year, once again. This was as tough a job as ever, but here goes… Continue reading

The Colour Of Vinyl’s Album Of The Year 2014

The decision to pick Album Of The Year is always a difficult one. It’s hard enough to create a shortlist, then to narrow it down to a top 10, let alone pick on record alone. Yet there will always be that one that stands above the competition as the finest collection of new music you’ve heard in the last calendar year. In this, I’ll attempt to take you through my favourite 10 albums of the year, culminating with my numero uno, and then a load of apologies to those bands who missed out. Here we go…

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