Andy Oliveri & The Mountaineers / Jim Lockey @ Frog & Fiddle, Cheltenham – 14/04/17

Andy Oliveri & the Mountaineers bring their indie college rock vibes to the quaint town of Cheltenham in the celebration of the release of debut album ‘Call Them Brothers’ and what better way to do that than hitting the road and sharing the tunes. They start their journey in the town’s favourite rock pub Frog & Fiddle, who recently installed a new improved sound system to show off the tunes in the best possible way.

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Rob Lynch releases ‘Runaway’ music video // Kicks off full band UK Tour

Rob Lynch’s latest single is the almost-title-track from his latest album ‘Baby, I’m A Runaway’. Titled ‘Runaway’, the song now has a new video which was filmed at a sold out sunset-adorned show in Hamburg earlier this year. It’s exemplary of Lynch’s storytelling prowess and it’s fitting that the video should feature the singer songwriter doing what he does best in front of a rapt audience. Continue reading

More bands announced for 2000trees 2016!

One of the most loved, successful UK rock festivals, set in the stunning UK countryside near the Cotswolds, 2000trees Festival is BACK!!! Also celebrating it’s 10th Year in 2016, the festival has grown immeasurably over its 10 years (growing year on year), started, booked and run by a group of who all met at school or University (including 2 brothers). Originally launched after an idea formed whilst attending a large rock festival in 2006, borne out of frustration with the ever-increasing corporate sponsorship and
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Solemn Sun – SOLEMN SUN (EP)

It would be impossible to review this self-titled debut EP without giving a brief explanation of SOLEMN SUN, and how they came to be.  18 months ago, the alt-folk 4 piece from Cheltenham formerly known as Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun were one of the UK music industry’s hottest underground properties; touring with the likes of Frank Turner and Dropkick Murphys, headlining a nation-wide tour and making a progressively enlarging name for themselves in doing so.  They released (arguably) their best track, ‘Wilderness of a Wild Youth‘ in September 2013, played a headline tour a month later, and then fell deathly quiet.  So quiet in fact, that many were left wondering if they would, like so many bands before them, just fade away never to be heard of again.

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