Introducing… Shaded

It is fair to regard pop-punk as pretty selfsame from time to time when newbies arrive to incorporate bouncy hooks and catchy melodies. Shaded are, as expected, full to the brim with emotive pop-punk songs that you can’t help but enjoy. They bring together some of the best names from the popular genre, with WSTR style guitar hooks and drums and vocal patterns that resemble that from State Champs or Neck Deep.


Hailing from Surrey, the quartet are set to release their forthcoming EP ‘The Better Man in Me’ on September 1st. Having already shared their debut single from the record ‘Better With You’, it has clearly made an encouraging introduction for the rest of what is still to come. The rhythms are uplifting and moderately comfortable for the group; they seem very at ease with their sound, which reflects their energy and enjoyment into the track.

It is undeniable that ‘Better With You’ is an incredibly generic pop-punk single, yet it distinctly displays potential for this group. With such a growing fan base for the genre, there is going to be plenty of buzz around these newbies, who clearly know what they are doing with their instruments. With relatable themes about relationships and the regret that follows when you miss out, their forthcoming self-release is bound to turn a few heads.

– Jess Boswell (@j_lboswell)

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