Blindwish – Good Excuses

It is a rare occurrence to come across a band that formed in a little over a year ago and already producing a large spectrum of solid sounds in a full-length album. But despite the rarity, that is exactly what Blindwish has gone and done. Hailing from Dallas, Texas and establishing themselves back in March 2016, they wasted no time in producing their debut album, set to be released on September 1st. With a Rise Records relationship under their belts, there’s no stopping them now.


And what an album it is. Full to the brim with enough energy and prowess to maintain a small town, the quintet show off their sound spectrum within ten tracks of relentless enjoyment. They have an incredible uniqueness and its almost unfeasible to even confine them to one genre as they constantly mix up their sound to keep the listener on their toes.

The record kicks off with previously released single ‘After Midnight’, which was co-written by Goldfinger’s very own multi-platinum songwriter and producer Jon Feldmann. The track pulls in every listener from the get go, bringing back memories of Craig Owen’s 2011 fleeing project D.R.U.G.S. It has an intoxicating blend of synth accompaniment with relentless drum rhythms and gnarly guitars that flawlessly function in an incredible manner.

They fly through tune after tune, each that have their own unique approach that makes them single-worthy in their own rights. ‘Single Word’ features echoing vocals which then alters into an enticing chorus of chants and powerful instrumentals. They give off hints towards Sleeping with Sirens similarities, yet with a lot more attitude and rock energy that is incredibly appealing to listen to.

The album is incredibly versatile, exhibiting the band’s capacities with their sound. Both their full-on and slower approaches are executed brilliantly and with plenty of confidence; it is clear that this bunch of guys know what they want to produce and waste no time in making that a reality. Their easy-going proceedings are evident in ‘Down’ – an acoustic melody-filled track that marks the half-way point into the record – and ‘The Maze’, which draws attention to the singer’s hypnotising voice; one which plays homage to Chester Bennington’s soft vocals in older Linkin Park.

The remainder of the album packs a huge punch, with songs like ‘Infected’ launching into their distinct, strong sound accompanied by a Papa Roach style vocalisation. The main verses features pounding drums and lyrics that indicates a Young Guns vibe. It is impossible to regard this group to one genre, with such a diverse sound that seems to continue to shift throughout the duration of the record.

It is a roller-coaster of an album, which you will want to go on time and time again. There is no cease to the grandeur that is displayed in the debut record from Blindwish. This album is sure to make them go places, as they have so much more to give. Keep an eye on this name, as they have the capabilities to go far.  With the right support, they are sure to be popping up a lot more often in the future.

– Jess Boswell (@j_lboswell)

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