Frank Iero & The Patience – Keep The Coffins Coming

Described as the missing link between debut record ‘Stomachaches’ & the recently released ‘Parachutes’, ‘Keep The Coffins Coming’ sees Frank Iero & The Patience team up with legendary producer Steve Albini for a short, fuzzy blast of tunes that truly captures the raw intensity of his live shows.


‘I’m a Mess’ sounds even more charged up than the album version whilst the venoumous ‘No Fun Club’ sees Frank at his most chaotic & punky. It sits nicely alongside the slightly more simplistic BFF. Although different than what we’ve come to expect from Frank, the EP would be worse off without it.

The only slight misstep here is a cover of ‘You Are My Sunshine’, it’s not bad by any stretch, but feels somewhat out of place amougst the chaos of the rest of the record.

Whilst Keep The Coffins Coming is nothing groundbreaking, it’s a great addition to their catalogue that will be sure to appease fans until album number 3.

– Dan Buckingham

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