The Longshot – Love Is For Losers

A little over a week ago, Green Day front man Billie Joe Armstrong debuted his new band, The Longshot, with a 3-track EP. As with most side projects, we assumed that would be it. A full length album followed shortly after however, an 11 track clocking in at 32 minutes and entitled Love Is For Losers. 


Joining BJA in this venture is Green Day touring guitarist Jeff Matika, who plays bass, plus guitarist Kevin Preston and drummer David S. Field of Prima Donna. As you would expect, the album is full of fun, catchy tracks with earworm hooks that you can sing along to with the window down.


There’s a feel of vintage, garage rock with a hint of power pop; almost as though this is an homage to the classic garage rock he grew up with. Despite not being an instant grab, this is an album I feel will grow on you over time.  With the last few Green Day albums being so heavily criticised by some, here Armstrong seems like he’s flexing his pop-rock muscles in an avenue that’s free of critical expectations.


This album will be welcomed the people who say the band peaked with the pop-punk powerhouses of the 90s, Dookie or Kerplunk, but it also serves as a step toward the future of Armstrong as a songwriter and maybe of his main band as well.

Purchase or stream Love Is For Losers here:

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