Tamsin Quin – Scandal // Single Review

Ever since the release of Tamsin’s debut album Gypsy Blood last year, I’ve been really excited to see what was coming next. ‘Scandal’ is the first single from her follow up album and has kept that country/folk sound Tamsin is known for, but has a darker edge to what we saw on the first album.

I’m not somebody who has always been attentive to lyrics in songs but ‘Scandal’ is another wonderful example of how gifted Tamsin is at crafting songs lyrically to get the listener to feel the emotion of the song. The soothing and unique vocal style which I think is a real trademark of Tamsin’s is very well suited to the storytelling found in folk songs and helps this track to be a very compelling listen. The soft but beautiful guitar in the track provides a delicate yet catchy backdrop to the story and I really like how Tamsin managed to keep that catchiness to it despite the slower pacing to the song.

The first release from an artist after a debut album is always particularly important and I think Tamsin has gotten this spot on with ‘Scandal’, it’s another step in her evolution as an artist and confirmation that she will likely be blessing us with her song writing for a long time to come.

– Craig Brooks (@swindonforever)

Listen to Scandal here

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